Hello World

I'm going to start off saying that I've never tried to maintain a blog before.  So, this will be an interesting experiment to say the least.  Please consider the following my brief introduction.

My name is Mariah Sexton.  I was born, raised, and still live, in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This blog is going to be a scattered collection of thoughts about technology, career advancement in a remote location, and my future aspirations.

My first real "grown up job" was as a service writer at a car and truck repair facility.  After several years, I transitioned to FAA regulated records maintenance.  I went back to school, and quickly discovered that a single income and student loans was not a feasible way to support a household with two kids.  In 2009, I took a job as a manager at a small independent computer repair facility.  After passing some initial certifications, I worked as a bench technician combination manager.  From there I transferred to a Computer Technician position with our local school district.  A couple years later I transitioned to be an IT System Support Specialist for the Department of Teaching and Learning.

I enjoy my work, though I still look around occasionally and wonder exactly how I got here.  Here is a great place to be, don't get me wrong, but the roundabout journey sometimes makes me stop and think.  I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of the ride.


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