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A review of my last three years at THOTCON

TLDR: Social media has a purpose, follow all the people.   Plan ahead, then realize that plan won’t actually work very often.   Take notes in the way that is best for you, whether electronic, by hand or photos.   Meet people. This spring I had the opportunity to attend THOTCON (a hacking conference in Chicago, IL) for the third year in a row.   It was an excellent time, with awesome people, and I decided to put together some of my thoughts on the experience. At this point, I think it would be best if I give a bit of background on how I ended up attending conferences in the first place.   As people may or may not be aware, Alaska is not what could be considered a hot spot when it comes to security/tech meet ups and opportunities.   Due to limited availability, I started looking outside for conferences as a way to assist my career development possibilities.   Additionally, Alaska is expensive to get out of, and as I was paying for this out of pocket originally I narrowed my