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Whitelisting Chrome Extensions/Apps in G Suite Admin Console

Recently, an incident in the school district where I work required that the district implement additional restrictions in regards to Google Chrome and Chrome devices.  After looking at options, the decision was made to switch the Student Organizational Unit over to a whitelist policy for extensions and apps.  Teachers and other faculty members would remain on a blacklist policy, and notify technology of what they would like whitelisted for student use.  I sent out a survey to collect the names of all currently used extensions, collected the results, and made a test OU to switch to whitelisting. Part of the conversion process also involved a review of all force installed apps and extensions.  There are two ways to force install through the admin console ; using App Management or User Settings in Device Management - Chrome Management.  App Management is meant for singular instances, while the User Settings method is more conducive to multiple force installs.  While both methods are ac