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G Suite Organizational Unit Structure in a K-12 Environment

As previously stated, I work in a K-12 school district.  Recently there were some incidents that required me to evaluate and make some changes to the organizational unit structure in our G Suite domain.  Without getting into policy or politics, the concerns raised had to do with how to go about preventing certain types of communication while still providing equity of education in a one-to-one Chromebook environment. Our initial user OUs had minimal granularity available.  In the below example I've left out devices: G Suite Administrators Teachers (All Staff) Chromebook Managers Students Primary (PreK - Grade 3) No Additional Services Intermediate (Grade 4 - Grade 6) No Additional Services Middle School (Grade 7 - Grade 8) No Additional Services High School (Grade 9 - Grade 12) No Additional Service If you aren't familiar with service management in the G Suite Admin console, services are generally turned on or off on a per OU basis.  While Google has